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5 Reasons Marketing Advice is Different

Marketing advice isn’t easy. At least it’s not easy in the same way that selling beer, widgets, houses, holidays, or countless other spheres of marketing expertise. It’s complex in very specific ways which is why there are even fewer marketing people who “get” advice than there are great advisers who “get” marketing. This isn’t a criticism, but it’s an important thing to understand before you: Invest thousands to get someone… Read More »5 Reasons Marketing Advice is Different

The Only 3 Funnels Worth Worrying About

My son Nate used to play this game with puzzles when he was younger. It went like this: Open puzzle. Tip puzzle on the ground. Laugh and insist you put it together. Some puzzles are easy and some are hard, but what makes them all easier is when you know what they’re supposed to look like at the end, right? Without that, well, it’s just pieces and a vague sense… Read More »The Only 3 Funnels Worth Worrying About

Which Lead Magnets work for advice?

I’d like to share one thing I consistently see missing from most adviser’s websites that literally negates most of the point of having one in the first place, and what you can do to fix the issue fast. First, let me give you an overview of how I think about generating advice prospects.   The 3 Funnels When I work with businesses on their marketing there are 3 marketing funnels that work… Read More »Which Lead Magnets work for advice?