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5 Reasons Marketing Advice is Different

5 Reasons Marketing Advice is Different

Marketing advice isn’t easy.

At least it’s not easy in the same way that selling beer, widgets, houses, holidays, or countless other spheres of marketing expertise.

It’s complex in very specific ways which is why there are even fewer marketing people who “get” advice than there are great advisers who “get” marketing.

This isn’t a criticism, but it’s an important thing to understand before you:

  • Invest thousands to get someone else to do it for you.
  • Roll up your sleeves and do it yourself.

As a business owner, I think it’s important to know how to do something, whilst also accepting that maybe I shouldn’t be the one to do it.

Understanding how for me is non-negotiable, so I wanted to share 5 key ways marketing advice is different, so you can be sure to brief anyone who comes in to do it for you before they start spending the cash.


Sales Cycle

98% of people who visit your website or find you via other means won’t book a meeting. If your marketing expert doesn’t have a plan for them, you’re playing hit or miss. Expensive.



Precision and detailed information might result in better advice, but 80% of what you know they do not need to know.



If what you’re offering sounds pretty much the same as what everyone else is offering, then it’s not your marketing that’s bringing in the leads.


Dunning Kruger

We used to think people who didn’t know stuff worried about it, until two psychologists proved the exact opposite. All this talk about financial literacy is pointless unless they agree with you first.



Unless the stuff you’re talking about sounds like the problems they’re thinking about, they’ll assume you’re talking to someone else.

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